Mountain Home christian Clinic serving North central Arkansas and South Central Missouri Mountain Home Christian Clinic
(The Love of Jesus at Work)
421 West Wade St., Mountain Home, AR 72653
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Providing health care & spiritual support to people living in Ozark Mountains who cannot afford or are not being served by the establsihed medical system

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Dr. Paul Wilbur, MHCC Director
Dr. Paul Wilbur

2021 Annual Report:
21 Years in Service
Over 16,000 patients served since 2001
721 Patients seen in 2021
2,922 Prescriptions filled valued at $564,585.16
Invaluable Value of Support!

When you see one of our healthcare professionals, please tell them how much you appreciate their willingness to volunteer their time to help those in need.
2020 Board of Directors

Paul Wilbur, M.D., Chairman
Mountain Home Christian Clinic
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Danny Ponder, P.D., Vice Chairman
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Barbra Wike, MSN,
Nurse Coordinator, ASU
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Mark Kenyon, Accountant
Board Secretary
MAK Accounting, Inc.
Mountain Home, AR 72653

David Osmon, J.D., Attorney
Osman & Etheridge, P.A.
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Richard Crawford, 55+ Ministry
East Side Baptist Church
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Bernice J. Bell, Insurance
Mountain Home Christian Clinic
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Daniel Thueson, Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Corinne Hiser, ANP
Regional Family Medicine
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Vi Rohren
Eastside Baptist Church
Mountain Home, AR

Brandi Sharp, APRN
Executive Director of Clinic
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Non-Voting Member

2021-2022 Volunteer Practitioners and Pharmacists
Medical Doctors
Lonnie Robinson, MD

APRN & PA's:
Brandi Sharp, APRN
Carolyn Crawford, DDS
Hunter Rawls, DDS
Mike Risk, DDS
Hunter Thomas, DDS
Austin Wilkie, DDS

Danny Ponder, PD
Randy Fragoules, PD
Brett Sharp, PD
Allison Booth, OD
Charles Crosslin, OC
Wendy McFall, OD
Kari Priborshy. OD
Dustin Vance, OD

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